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The Google marketing bureau LAZZAWEB uses GAIS to obtain measurable KPIs within job satisfaction. They get an insight into current status and what can be done to improve the 7 factors measured by GAIS as a whole, and per department.

“Job satisfaction for us is that our employees maintain balance in their lives. We want them to enjoy coming to work, the work they do and collegial aspects. But they should also feel good when they go home. There has to be balance,” explains Patrik LazzarottoCEO & Founder at LAZZAWEB.

GAIS helps with improvements

GAIS has given them good routines for quarterly surveys, from which the management have gained valuable insight into how the employees feel. LAZZAWEB has found that it’s easier to identify the needs of its employees.

“We can easily measure the effect of various initiatives we launch, and see if they actually work, providing value for the employees.” explains Patrik Lazzarotto.

Those initiatives have meant that LAZZAWEB reached a score of 90 out of 100 for the factors of management and co-determination.

Focus on management, co-determination and influence

LAZZAWEB has focused on different management strategies adapted to the individual employee, as everyone is different. The management has found a number of benefits,

The leadership believe that it’s important that each employee generally takes responsibility. Employees are therefore encouraged to use the opportunity to write comments in their GAIS surveys if they feel they have something to say. 

The management get an all-round picture of what it’s like to work for them. LAZZAWEB wants everyone to be involved and feel included in the business, as it’s a common responsibility to get the company to grow and achieve results.

The general working culture creates co-determination

LAZZAWEB believes that being able to spar with each other and give feedback is important to help develop each other. They’ve introduced workshops at which the employees can freely give input on improvements within the various departments, and generally within the organisation. The result has been greater willingness to take the initiative by the individual employees.

They also acknowledge that this culture requires a feeling of security amongst the employees, which is why social events are also prioritised. Various trips and activities are frequently planned internally and externally to boost social relations between each other.

It’s all helped to get LAZZAWEB nominated as Workplace of the Year 2022 in Aalborg, Denmark, a recognition which they are very proud of.

One of LAZZAWEB’s success criterias is to have contented and highly-motivated consultants with a focus on professional and personal development. The GAIS tool has been used to create an anonymous forum, in which we focus on job satisfaction, and really create the opportunity for co-determination for our employees.

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