Design surveys
that suit your needs

GAIS is flexible. You can design your own setup for job satisfaction surveys for your own organisation. If your needs change, GAIS can be adapted to your new situation and reality.

  • Scope: Choose how extensive a survey is to be.
  • Focus: Chose and switch between survey types with different focus.
  • Frequency: Choose how often you want to send out surveys and to whom.

GAIS gives you flexibility without losing continuity. You can compare data across surveys with varying frequency and scope.

Målingstyper og frekvenser

Easy and intuitive
to handle

Despite considerable flexibility, handling GAIS surveys is simple.

  • Simple to set up: Setting up surveys is done in an intuitive flow.
  • Simple to change: Changes in survey setup are easy to implement.
  • Simple to compare: Surveys in the same series allow trends to be tracked.

Set up your Organisation in GAIS. You can then manage all your surveys and activities from one place. That makes it easier to manage differentiated surveys, such as sending a certain survey type to selected departments at a given frequency.

And if you have respondents in different countries, selecting who will take part and in which language is simple.

Choose between multiple
types of surveys

GAIS offers various survey types. Switch freely and easily between them. You can also run differentiated surveys, giving some departments one type while others receive another.
GAIS Fuld trivselsmåling


Get an overview of your job satisfaction. This survey measures the general job satisfaction and 7 other related factors.

Quick GAIS

A simplified GAIS survey. The survey asks one question about the general job satisfaction and each of the 7 related factors.

Factor surveys

Go in-depth with a single factor. The factor chosen will have special significance to job satisfaction.


A WPA survey asks questions about the physical and mental working environment, stress and sick leave.

Select frequency
as required

Run surveys with the frequency that suits you. Sometimes, frequent surveys are needed, but not always. You can run frequent real time surveys, quarterly, annually or one-offs.

The frequency can be switched dynamically to suit any given situation. If you do switch frequency during a period, you can still see the full timeline in your survey.

Adjust a survey
to your own culture and processes

Organisations work with job satisfaction in different ways. Use different functions to suit your corporate culture and processes.

Go all the way round with your extra questions

Add the extra questions to a survey that are relevant to your organisation and situation. You can choose from the GAIS question catalogue, or write your own.

Kom hele vejen rundt med ekstra spørgsmål

Comment and start a dialogue on responses

Choose whether you want to gather anonymous free text comments. You can also choose whether your managers can see the comments, and enter into dialogue with the employees via anonymous chat.

Kommenter og gå i dialog om svarene i trivselsmåling

Sort data with filters

Define the data filters you want to subsequently use yourself. Data filters are used to sort data, so that you can see results broken down by such criteria as departments, seniority, management responsibility, etc.
Sorter data med filtre

Involve more people via excerpt reports

Choose which excerpt reports you want to extract from the full data yourself. You can also choose who will have access to them, and whether they should be in digital or downloaded format.
Involvér flere via udsnitrapporter

Få indsigter i trivsel i virksomhedsrapporten

Understand job satisfaction
in real time

Job satisfaction can’t be taken for granted. Not even with a job satisfaction survey now and again. It often requires a fixed structure and rhythm to create and maintain it. Pulse surveys create that rhythm, along with sustained focus.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse with frequent surveys to consistently measure job satisfaction levels.
  • Intelligent distribution: GAIS keeps track of all respondents and ensures that everyone is asked the right questions.
  • GAIS balances the number of questions with the frequency of surveys itself, making sure respondents are not bombarded.

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