Terms and Conditions

Legal Notice – Terms and Conditions for Responding Companies

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before creating a profile on GAIS and using the GAIS platform (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Platform’). Any use of the Platform and the content on the Platform is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Platform is considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms

GAIS may change the terms, conditions and operation of the platform at any time without prior notice, unless otherwise agreed. By using this service, the User disclaims all rights to making claims against GAIS.

Use of the platform

Users may not change, modify or adapt the Platform, or parts of it, in any way, without any prior agreement with GAIS.

Abuse or misuse of the platform will result in an immediate ban. Abuse and misuse include, but is not limited to:

  • Attempts of acquiring the personal information of others, through the platform
  • Attempts to access individuals (including employees) answers, scores or comments,
  • Any attempt to breach the confidentiality of the GAIS Platform,
  • Any change or attempt to change the source code,
  • Creating profiles or companies on behalf of others, without their consent,
  • Selling access to the GAIS Platform without prior agreement with GAIS

GAIS reserves the right to seek compensation for damages caused to the platform and/or GAIS’s reputation due to misuse or abuse of the platform.


GAIS’s trademarks and logos as displayed and used on the Platform are either trademarks or protected trademarks owned by GAIS. The names of products, companies and organisations that are mentioned on the Platform may be trademarks or protected trademarks belonging to their respective owners, but will be shown with the owners’ acceptance.

Graphics, code, contents, design, functionality or similar from gais.dk or the GAIS platform must not be used without GAIS’ approval, unless the content has been provided for such use.

Limitation of liability

Neither GAIS nor its management, employees or other representatives can be held liable for any damage or loss in connection with using the Platform, the website or hyperlinked websites, not even if GAIS has been made explicitly aware of the risk of such damage. The limitation of liability covers all kinds of damage, for example, but not limited to, direct or indirect financial loss, loss of data, loss of goodwill or loss of reputation.

Information on the Platform may contain inaccuracies or grammatical errors for which GAIS cannot be held liable. GAIS assumes no liability for other websites that may be accessible via the Platform. As GAIS has no control over websites and content belonging to third parties, GAIS disclaims any liability for the availability, content and use of products, services etc. that may be made available via such third-party websites.

Data on the website is provided “as is” giving no guarantee of any kind, neither explicitly, nor implicitly.

Data processing

Our privacy page always shows the way in which we process your personal data and your rights.

If you use GAIS on behalf of a company, for which you gather personal data, you will be the data controller for such data. GAIS will then be your data processor according to the data processor agreement enclosed below, which you, by using the platform and accepting the terms, will conclude with GAIS.