Joining forces to
create job satisfaction

We want GAIS to create a movement in which far more workplaces focus on and work consistently towards developing job satisfaction at work.

We’re working with a range of skill and multi-discipline partners on job satisfaction. We’re building a form of ecosystem of knowledge and skills.

Sammen med udviklingspartnere sætter vi fokus på genering af viden, best practice, udvikling af GAIS-platformen eller fælles udbredelse af trivsel.

GAIS development partner

For those who want to develop together

We believe in joint creation and synergy. That’s why we’ve joined forces with different types of major players.

Joint development can consist of the joint generation of new know-how and best practice, the development of the GAIS platform or spreading the word about the job satisfaction agenda and GAIS. Together with those partners, we have a common job satisfaction agenda and want to create mutual value.

Write to us at, if you’re interested in learning more about a GAIS Development Partnership. We’ll contact you for a more detailed discussion of how it works.

Meet the GAIS Development Partners


Videncenter for God Arbejdslyst (Job Satisfaction Knowledge Center) analyses and interprets job satisfaction in Denmark using detailed studies based on scientific methods. The God Arbejdslyst Indeks (Jobsatisfaction Index) forms the foundation for the questions GAIS asks.


Jobindex is Denmark's biggest job seeker's portal. GAIS and Jobindex are working together to put employee job satisfaction on the agenda through a range of initiatives.

University of Southern Denmark

SDU concentrates on creating dialogue between its own researchers and society at large.

GAIS Ambassador

For everyone who shares our dream

GAIS ambassadors share the dream of spreading knowledge and experience on job satisfaction. They do so by linking their own knowledge and expertise with that of others, bringing GAIS into play and putting job satisfaction on the agenda in society, at workplaces and with the individual.
Together, we create job satisfaction.

Part of the collaboration provides a new ambassador with onboarding in GAIS, the idea and concept.
Ambassadors also received mails with new knowledge about job satisfaction.

Meet the GAIS Ambassadors