Conduct your WPA easy, digitally and driven by data

Analyse your working environment using a Workplace Assessment (WPA) on the GAIS platform.

Bring job satisfaction surveys and mandatory WPAs into the same system where they can supplement each other.

All-round WPA tool

GAIS provides a complete WPA tool that fulfils the requirements and recommendations of the Danish Working Environment Authority.

  • Simple, digital analysis of the physical and mental working environment.
  • Description of working environment problems via analysis and reports.
  • Incorporation of sick leave and stress levels for the company.
  • Drawing up action plans.
  • Downloading reports and excerpts in a Powerpoint presentation.
  • Personal report for employees.
  • Gathering job satisfaction surveys and WPAs in a single system – save time and energy.

9 out of 10 find that it is easier to complete WPA with GAIS

Soruce: GAIS Kundesurvey, 2023

Flexible questionnaire with sector selection

WPA questions are positively pitched, focusing on the prevention of a poor working environment.

  • Based on the Danish Working Environment Authority’s recommendations.
  • Regular questions of four factors.
  • Multiple-choice questions, depending on sector, e.g. a chemical WPA.
  • Option to add your own questions.
  • Employees can respond on desktop, mobile or tablet.

You get the results of your WPA immediately, automatically without waiting time and can follow trends in your working environment over time.

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Conducting a Workplace Assessment shouldn’t require time, technical or statistics skills.
GAIS WPA is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to set up WPAs and follow the real time report.

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Action plans and recommendations make a WPA highly specific

You gain access to a resource library with recommendations and articles to enhance your working environment, or to tackle any problems.

With GAIS Action Center, it’s quick and easy to introduce initiatives based on the knowledge you gain from surveys. You will also find templates for action plans.

It’s easy to download and share your WPA report, or to prepare sub-reports for parts of your organisation.

Ofte stillede spørgsmål om APVSå svarene her

WPA stands for 'Workplace Assessment' and is mandatory for assessing the physical work environment.

A workplace assessment is a comprehensive review of the entire workplace aimed at ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. WPA serves as a useful tool to identify areas for improvement, both physically and mentally. By mapping the work environment and planning for enhancements, you can systematically work towards creating a better workplace.

It is a requirement by the Danish Labor Inspectorate (Arbejdstilsynet) that all companies with employees must carry out a workplace assessment.

The employer must ensure that a workplace assessment is carried out when changes in the work, work methods, work processes, etc., occur that could impact the company's work environment. In addition, the employer must ensure that the company's working environment conditions, including whether there are work environment problems, are assessed at least every three years.

Methodological freedom applies in the preparation of the WPA, meaning that there are no official strict rules regarding whether it should be anonymous or not; it is up to the individual organization to decide. However, it is a good idea to consider anonymity during the WPA process to obtain more honest results and ensure participants' comfort in their responses.

The workplace assessment is the company's tool for managing the work environment. An WPA identifies potential challenges and can uncover work environment issues that may lead to increased employee absenteeism.

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