Job satisfaction for all – the GAIS dream

It ought to be easy to focus on and improve job satisfaction. The development of good workplaces should not be the privilege of the few.
We want GAIS to democratise job satisfaction. Everyone should be able to measure, understand and improve job satisfaction, regardless of business size.

That’s the GAIS dream. And that’s why we’ve developed the job satisfaction platform GAIS – and made it easily accessible to everyone.

It should be easy
to get started

Many companies do not have the time, the financial resources or experience to put job satisfaction on the agenda. We started GAIS to make it easy for anyone to initiate and maintain focus on job satisfaction at work. That’s why it’s easy to get started with GAIS and easy to use it.

GAIS is flexible and can be used strategically or ad hoc, bottom-up or top-down. GAIS can be used as much as you want and where you want.

Job satisfaction is created together

Job satisfaction is created together. That’s the founding principle of GAIS. And that’s why GAIS involves everyone in the process, to give them insight into their own job satisfaction and to help improve it. 

Each line manager and employee is involved, with top management and HR provided with the opportunity to have an overview, insight and help to act. GAIS is not just a survey, but actual overview that can be followed up with customised knowledge, tools and inspiration for action in actual situations.

An ecosystem of knowledge and skills

We know that software cannot improve job satisfaction by itself. That’s why we have a wide range of certified GAIS consultants who are experts in job satisfaction and development. Our partners help companies to develop people and organisations based on GAIS surveys.

Job satisfaction is the goal. GAIS is a not-for-profit initiative. There are no shareholders who want big returns on their investment. We’re driven by the need to create job satisfaction for individuals and at workplaces. That’s why we collaborate and develop with everyone with a common interest. GAIS is part of an ecosystem of knowledge and experts, working to create job satisfaction.

GAIS is built on a solid foundation

GAIS is based on research conducted in the God Arbejdslyst Indeks (Good Job Satisfaction Index), developed by Krifa’s Videncenter for God Arbejdslyst (Job Satisfaction Knowledge Center) in close partnership with Kantar Gallup. We use a valid, tested and predefined framework of the key factors that create job satisfaction. 

It’s a fixed, familiar framework that makes the language and working with job satisfaction highly specific and recognisable.

The God Arbejdslyst Indeks gives us lots of knowledge and data on job satisfaction. We’ve not only clearly analysed job satisfaction, but created a highly specific model and language to be able to work with it. Let’s take all the knowledge, the method, data and experience to create an online platform on which companies and individuals can measure their job satisfaction and get customised, actual inspiration and tools to improve it. And it should be easily accessible to everyone.

Mikkel Hundborg

Founder and Head of Strategy and Innovation

The GAIS story

Working with the God Arbejdslyst Indeks, which several members of the GAIS team helped develop, gave the idea for GAIS. Mikkel Hundborg, Head of Strategy and Innovation, pitched the idea to Krifa’s management in 2015.

Backing was immediate, meaning that GAIS was an initiative launched by Krifa to raise and improve job satisfaction in society and at work in partnership with others.

A strong team working on GAIS and the involvement of a number of hand-picked, highly skilled people with key expertise meant we could start on the development of GAIS in earnest in 2016. The first version saw the light of day in 2017, making the GAIS dream a reality, and development has continued ever since at full speed.