The GAIS dream
Job satisfaction for all

It ought to be easy to improve job satisfaction. The development of good workplaces should not be the privilege of the few.

With GAIS we want to democratise job satisfaction. Everyone should to be able to measure, understand and improve job satisfaction, regardless of business size and numbers of personnel.

That’s the GAIS dream. And that’s why we’ve developed the digital job satisfaction platform GAIS – and made it easily accessible to everyone.

What makes GAIS unique
The fundamental principles behind GAIS

GAIS' fundamental elements are designed to help more people work with and enhance job satisfaction.

Together for work satisfaction - value to each individual

Work satisfaction is created together. It is a fundamental element of GAIS. Therefore, GAIS supports all parties involved. Each individual leader and employee is involved, and top management and HR are provided with opportunities to gain an overview, insights, and assistance in taking action.

Sammen om arbejdslyst - værdi til alle

Democratization of job satifaction

We started GAIS to make it easy for anyone to initiate and maintain a focus on work satisfaction in their daily lives. That’s why GAIS is effortless to get started with. There are no barriers, and it offers flexibility throughout the organization.

Demokratisering af arbejdslysten

Ecosystem of knowledge and skills

GAIS is part of an ecosystem of knowledge and experts working to promote job satisfaction. Software alone does not improve work satisfaction. That’s why we have a network of certified consultants who specialize in job satisfaction and development.

Økosystem af viden

Based on research

GAIS is based on well-established and internationally recognized research evidence from Videncenter for God Arbejdslyst. The standardized and validated questionnaire provides a common language to discuss job satisfaction.

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GAIS in numbers

1 million +
500 +
research behind
2 years

The GAIS story

“Job satisfaction should not be the privilege of the few. Every company should be able to easily improve job satisfaction in the workplace”
This was the GAIS ambition and the dream of being able to make a real difference in society when Mikkel Hundborg first pitched the dream of GAIS in 2015.

With support from Krifa and research knowledge from God Arbejdslyst Indeks, GAIS was launched. A strong team of hand-picked competent people around GAIS began the development of the platform, which was launched in 2017.
The GAIS dream was a reality, and development has since continued at full speed.

GAIS is a platform at eye level. It must be easy to use – intuitive, friendly and inspiring, and at the same time the platform must create direct value for the companies. It must be uncomplicated to become smarter and create change. It is our design philosophy that guides everything we do.

Mikkel Hundborg, Founder

Today, more than 500 companies have used GAIS as their job satisfaction tool. Providing assistance to numerous companies has been a source of great pleasure, while also receiving valuable insights and feedback that consistently contribute to the improvement of the GAIS platform for the benefit of even more companies.

That's how easy GAIS works

With GAIS, you can collect all your employee and HR surveys into one platform. From surveys of job satisfaction and employee satisfaction to the mandatory workplace assessment and leadership feedback, it all comes together to engage everyone in your organization and improve the working environment and job satisfaction.

Meet the GAIS team

The GAIS team is located in Aarhus, Denmark. In addition to the team in Aarhus, we have a wide range of affiliated colleagues and partners both in Denmark and abroad.

We are a team with lofty ambitions and dreams, yet we remain down-to-earth when interacting with our clients and each other. Our culture is lively, agile, and highly collaborative. We believe in granting individuals significant freedom and responsibility.

Do you have the skills we are looking for? Please feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn or through the contact page, so we can start talking.

GAIS job satisfaction platform is used by
over 500+ companies