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GAIS stands for Good Job Satisfaction Index Score. GAIS is a job satisfaction platform built on the foundation of many years of research from the Good Job Satisfaction Index.

GAIS is a job satisfaction platform that helps companies and individuals promote job satisfaction and engagement. The platform offers a wide range of survey types and tools to measure, understand, and enhance job satisfaction in the workplace.

GAIS offers various survey types, including in-depth GAIS job satisfaction survey, Quick GAIS, Workplace Assessment (WPA), and leadership survey. Surveys can be conducted at a frequency that suits your needs, from frequent real time surveys to annual surveys. Surveys provide valuable insights into areas where action can be taken to create a better work environment and increase employee job satisfaction and engagement.

Creating a personal profile and a limited company profile is free. We call this GAIS Basic. To access the full platform, we offer various subscription plans. Read more about GAIS prices, subscriptions, and solutions here.

  • GAIS WPA(Workplace Assessment) is a comprehensive solution for the mandatory WPA. Here, you can map your work environment, initiate actions, and create action plans. The APV solution complies with the requirements and recommendations of the Labor Inspectorate. With GAIS, you get both WPA and job satisfaction surveys in one place, making things easier for you. It becomes more manageable as you can address both the work environment and job satisfaction collectively.
  • GAIS helps prevent dissatisfaction and increase engagement and motivation among employees. GAIS creates value for the entire organization by involving all levels of the organization in the job satisfaction work. Employees receive a personal report with knowledge and tools to improve job satisfaction. Create a job satisfaction culture with GAIS, where you make concrete and continuous dialogue about employee job satisfaction part of your workplace environment efforts. Research shows that improved job satisfaction has a positive impact on the bottom line, job retention, and reduced sick leave.

GAIS focuses on the 7 factors that are particularly significant for job satisfaction. These factors are purpose, mastery, balance, achievements, leadership, influence and colleagues. These 7 factors make employee job satisfaction tangible, so your work and dialogue aim to create a comprehensive and job-satisfaction-promoting workplace. Read more about the 7 factors here.