Use GAIS to create action and change

A survey isn’t enough. It doesn’t make change on its own. Actions create support and change.
GAIS supports action and change after the surveys.

Both managers and individual employees have access to targeted tools and guides. GAIS Actions makes it easy to initiate, follow up on and create an overview of actions and measures.

Skab handling og forandringer i trivslen med GAIS

GAIS Actions
-initiate and follow up on efforts

With GAIS Actions, it’s quick and easy to introduce initiatives based on the knowledge you gain from surveys. Analyze data and create actions that relate specifically to identified challenges.
GAIS Actions makes it easy to move from knowledge to action.

  • Initiate and follow up: Create an action, set a deadline, create sub-tasks, select responsible persons and share the action with relevant individuals.

  • Maintain an overview: Keep track of all ongoing and completed actions across both organization and survey types in GAIS.

  • Cross-organization collaboration: Collaborate across the organization on tasks and sub-tasks and create greater cohesion.

Targeted tools and guides
- pave the way for development

All surveys are followed up on using targeted tools and guides for both the individual manager and employee. Get concrete knowledge and tools to work constructively on subpar indicators. GAIS enables all parties to take independent responsibility for job satisfaction.

Use the concrete exercises and tools to work on job satisfaction in a very practical way. There are exercises and tools aimed at both the group/team and the individual employee.

Skab handling og forandring med GAIS - efter målingen får I målrettede værktøjer til både medarbejdere og team

Gain new knowledge about a specific topic through short articles and step-by-step guides. Employees and managers are presented with articles and guides that stem directly from their survey results.

Få målrettede guides og værktøjer til at arbejde med trivslen efter en måling

Go deeper with user-friendly, digital learning programmes of 30-60 minutes’ duration. GAIS learning programmes are targeted at both managers and employees.

Læringsprogrammer i GAIS skaber forandring og forankring i trivslen

Get smarter with a mini-lecture consisting of a PowerPoint presentation with narration. The mini-lectures put a specific topic into perspective and provide an opportunity for reflection for both employees and managers.

Skab handling og forandring i trivslen med guides og værktøjer

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GAIS learning programmes
- engage employees in their own learning

GAIS learning programmes are limited courses on specific subjects. 
They last 20-60 minutes and consist of four to six sub-sections that combine theory and practice.

The content is designed to engage employees and managers in reflection on their own practice. Take a GAIS learning programme right after completing the survey or fit it around your work schedule.

Certified GAIS consultants.
Get an external sounding board

A GAIS job satisfaction survey can reveal complex issues. If you need an external sounding board, we recommend that you contact one of our certified consultants. A GAIS-certified consultant with in-depth knowledge of the GAIS platform can help you follow up with concrete action that suits your needs.

We have 60+ affiliated consultants. In addition to having special expertise in the use of GAIS, they all have concrete experience and competency in areas such as:

  • Management sparring
  • Strategic advice
  • Employee development
  • Cultural analysis
  • Talent development
  • Facilitation of job satisfaction courses and workshops.
Skab dialog om trivsel

GAIS Dialogue.
Start the development discussion

Development and change often start with dialogue. With GAIS Dialogue, managers and employees can enter into discussions based on the feedback the employee has given in the GAIS survey. The dialogue takes place in an anonymous chat room, unless the employee chooses to make themselves known. Filter comments and dialogues by:

  • Factor: what topic the dialogue relates to
  • Status: whether there are unanswered comments
  • Favourites: Highlight the dialogues that require follow-up

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