Help your managers develop
with our leadership survey

Leadership is a crucial but also complex discipline that requires self-reflection and training. Our “Leadership Factor Survey” provides managers and the organization as a whole with a valuable training tool.

The leadership survey examines various aspects of leadership in depth. Used correctly, your managers and the organization as a whole can receive valuable feedback on leadership to avoid leading blindly.

“Employees’ relationships with their managers are four times more important to their job satisfaction than the relationships with their colleagues.”

Videncenter for God Arbejdslyst, “Når ledelse skaber arbejdslyst”

Go deeper
- with four elements of leadership

While a GAIS survey maps out the seven factors of job satisfaction, this survey examines a single factor in depth – leadership .
It measures four elements that play a particular role in increasing employees’ job satisfaction. The survey has been designed using the Job Satisfaction Knowledge Centre’s research into the concept of leadership.

Involvement and freedom

This relates to the perception of freedom and trust from the immediate manager. It’s about being involved in decisions and changes.

Attention and feedback

This relates to the perception of the immediate manager’s recognition and feedback, and whether the manager takes into account employees’ individual needs.

Opmærksomhed og feedback er en vigtig del af ledelse

Direction and meaning

This relates to the perception of coherence between the workplace’s objectives and the employee’s personal contribution, as well as the immediate manager’s ability to set clear direction and meaningful goals for work.


The manager as a role model

This relates to the perception of the immediate manager as fair and trustworthy – and trust in the manager’s approach to management – in other words, management competence.

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Tailor your content
to your needs

In addition to the fixed set of questions, you can add your own relevant questions, as well as questions from the GAIS’ option directory. The directory questions have been validated and tested by Videncenter for God Arbejdslyst. The directory covers subjects such as:

  • Cooperation inside and outside the team
  • Development and innovation
  • Psychological safety
  • The senior management
Gå i dybden med ledelse - Skab lederudvikling og få ledelsesfeedback
Skab ledelsesudvikling via ledelsesmåling

Management feedback in numbers and words
- get an overview and deep insight

Reports to all levels: Everyone gets something to work on. Based on the leadership survey, you will receive reports at organizational, managerial and employee level. 

Deep insight into data: GAIS has a wide range of tools for analyzing data that provide a visual representation of your leadership survey, making it easier to explore the data.

Data in real time: The full report is ready the moment the survey ends. When new surveys are conducted, the report is immediately updated with the new data.

Track leadership over time: Create several surveys in the same series, and follow the action points and trends for individual managers and overall leadership .

Create action and development
based on the leadership survey

Skab handling med GAIS Handlinger - Skab forandring og forankring

Create actions in the digital action centre

Analyze data and create actions that relate specifically to identified challenges in the leadership survey. Share actions with others in your organization.

Skab forandring med værktøjer i ledelsesrapporten. Værktøjer og guides der passer til jeres ledelsesfeedback.

Gain knowledge and concrete tools for action

All surveys are followed up on using targeted tools, guides and articles for both the individual manager and employees.

Skab dialog om trivsel

Engage in dialogue based on management feedback

Managers and employees can engage in dialogue in an anonymous chat room based on the employee comments in the survey.

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