Birch Ejendomme invests in job satisfaction work where everyone plays a role

Job satisfaction as a strategic priority: At Birch Ejendomme they build the job satisfaction work around preparing everyone in the organisation to focus on trust and openness. The result of their work is reflected in their high answering percentage of their surveys and a strengthened culture.

Job satisfaction survey at Birch Ejendomme




Job satisfaction at a strategic level

At Birch Ejendomme each of their 245 employees plays an important role in their organisation. Therefore, they actively seek to improve job satisfaction for both managers and employees.

“It is important to us that our employees feel they are making a positive impact with their work and that it is meaningful to them. We want them to come in with a smile in the morning and leave with a smile,” says HR Business Partner, Helen Uglebjerg Filskov.

Birch Ejendomme has made job satisfaction and work environment a central part of their strategy aimed at elevating the company’s ambition to be among Denmark’s top property developers.

“It’s an investment in our future, so we can retain talented employees and continue to attract new candidates going forward,” she says.

Culture creation around job satisfaction surveys

Twice a year, Birch Ejendomme sends out a job satisfaction survey and supplements it with the mandatory workplace assessment (WPA) survey.

GAIS gives an overview of both the organisation’s and individual teams’ job satisfaction based on various parameters, and over time, we can compare with previous measurements to see the impact of our efforts. We track and compare data across teams, functions, and locations, which adds significant value to our initiatives across the organisation,” says Helen Uglebjerg Filskov about the way they work with the surveys.

To create an open and trustworthy culture, the overall results of the job satisfaction survey are shared with the management, board, and employees. Furthermore, the insights from the data are used in discussions with managers and teams within the company.

The HR Business Partner’s experience is that the job satisfaction survey contributes to creating an open and trusting culture, where it opens up important dialogues between managers and employees.

HR Business Partner Helen Uglebjerg use GAIS’ action centre actively to create progress after an ended Workplace Assessment and job satisfaction survey in Birch Ejendomme.

Employee involvement in every corner of the organisation

A continuous high response rate in both job satisfaction and Workplace Assessment surveys at Birch Ejendomme proves that they have succeeded in getting the job satisfaction work to become a shared responsibility. Helen Uglebjerg Filskov explains that the employees have wanted to contribute:

“Right from the beginning, we have had a great focus on communication initiatives and worked strategically to ensure that our employees were prepared to answer the survey.”

“It included continual communication before, during, and after the survey as well as using different communication channels to reach our broad employee base in the best way. At the same time, we have focused a lot on involving important stakeholders in the organisation such as the Work Environment Committee, Employee Representatives, the board, and the managers in all the levels.”

“It is clear that our employees have adopted a common language among job satisfaction which is important in a high-growth company where things move quickly.” says Helen.

One of the organisation's job satisfaction surveys was celebrated with cake.

“GAIS provides us with a data-driven and practical tool for continuously working on job satisfaction, which shapes our culture. At the same time, we greatly benefit from the collaboration with our GAIS consultant regarding setup and analysis,” says Helen Uglebjerg Filskov.

GAIS provides us with a data-driven tool, a visual framework, and a common language for continuously working on job satisfaction, shaping our culture.

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Helen Uglebjerg Filskov

HR Business Partner at Birch Ejendomme

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