MSC was given help to focus on individual job satisfaction

In a busy, hectic working day, it can be hard to keep track of the job satisfaction levels of individual employees. GAIS let MSC ask its workforce where management and employees needed to prioritise their job satisfaction efforts.

Job satisfaction surveys at MSC

Work-life Balance

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A GAIS survey measured the employee job satisfaction levels

MSC Danmark is a busy company. Things move fast, changes are constant and lots of decisions have to be made. To avoid losing track of job satisfaction levels for individuals, HR Manager, Kristina Kousgaard Bugge has used a GAIS job satisfaction survey.

“It gives us facts we can relate to. It’s important that we focus on creating a framework and an environment that accommodates every individual, ” says Kristina on MSC’s focus on employee job satisfaction.

Action: Focus on balance and flexible working hours

MSC Denmark’s job satisfaction survey yielded excellent results. One of the areas they had decided to put extra focus on after the survey was balance – especially the work/life balance.

“It meant that we put even more effort into offering flexible working hours within the individual teams. The initiative was well received and we are of course excited to see what results are achieved in the next survey,” she explains.

She received feedback from the employees on their job satisfaction survey, especially that they liked being involved and getting insight into their own job satisfaction:
“We got a lot of positive comments on them getting individual reports back with actual proposals on how they could work with job satisfaction themselves,” she says.

GAIS focuses on the seven key factors for good job satisfaction, and makes clear recommendations to the company and the individual in relation to how they can work with their own job satisfaction.

Kristina Kousgaard Bugge

HR Manager for Denmark and Norway at MSC

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