Retain your employees with focus on job satisfaction

A job satisfaction survey gives you a rapid overview of job satisfaction levels, and how to work with them. 

GAIS focuses on employee satisfaction, making it easy to involve the entire organisation.

GAIS creates job satisfaction formore than 500 companies

GAIS er et trivselsværktøj, der gør det nemt at forbedre arbejdslysten

Try a user-friendly and
flexible job satisfaction platform

Your company and its employees will benefit from this intuitive and user-friendly platform, enabling you to understand and improve job satisfaction at all levels.

GAIS provides a short cut from survey to action, involving the entire organisation.

Learn here on how we process your personal data.

Companies use GAIS to boost job satisfaction

All-round WPA toolthat makes your task easy

GAIS WPA analyses your working enviroment and makes it easy to take action. 

  • Get description of work environment challenges via analysis and reports – without waiting time. 
  • Analyses the physical and mental working environment, sick leave and stress levels. 
  •  Add questions, depending on sector. 
  • WPA questions are positively pitched, focusing on the prevention of a poor working environment.

We use GAIS every month to assess how well we’re doing. We don’t run surveys (just) to show the world that we’re an attractive workplace. We do it to learn where we need to react if something is going adrift. Once we know what creates high levels of job satisfaction for us and each other, we can also do something active to keep spirits up.

Bjarke Bekhøj

CEO at Become

What you get with a GAIS job satisfaction survey


Valid survey based
on research

GAIS is based on a valid, tested model that identifies the key factors for improved job satisfaction

Værdi i alle led_1

Value for everyone in the

Management and employees are involved and receive a report with knowledge and tools, providing insight for action

Økosystem af viden

Tools for

Get access to a back catalogue of knowledge and skills, along with guides to success, tools and learning programs for development

Get help with the entire process with GAIS Premium

Want a helping hand with job satisfaction work? We can help with everything from setting up surveys to guidance, support, guides for best practice and much more. Everything is gathered in our GAIS Premium.



GAIS helped MSC to focus on individual job satisfaction

In a busy, hectic working day, it can be hard to keep track of the job satisfaction levels of individual employees. GAIS let MSC ask its workforce where management and employees needed to prioritise their job satisfaction efforts.

Improved job satisfaction pay

It makes good sense to work proactively to improve job satisfaction. Research shows that job satisfaction has a very positive effect on engagement, motivation and creativity.
And it also influences the ability to attract and retain the right people. There’s also a clear link between job satisfaction and lower levels of sick leave. 

GAIS makes it easy to improve job satisfaction, and you can get started today!