Terms and conditions for GAIS Pro

These terms and conditions regulate services for the GAIS Pro account, including use, composition and contents. The relationship between GAIS and the customer is governed by these terms and conditions, the wording of the agreement and the general terms and conditions for using the GAIS platform



The GAIS Pro account gives access to written support from GAIS on the following conditions:

  • Requests for support are to be made in writing via the GAIS support system in Zendesk
  • Support covers administrators of the GAIS Pro account holder’s company profile
  • Written support requests will be responded to within 24 hours on weekdays. GAIS makes reservations for holidays and peak periods.

Support will be given in relation to:

  • use of the GAIS platform
  • technical errors on existing functionality on the platform
  • advanced technical support in connection with, for example, combining surveys, errors, restore, backup etc.

A GAIS Pro customer has access to up to 6 hours of support per year. Technical errors will not consume these hours.

Extra functions on the platform

Access to more functionality on the GAIS platform. This covers, among other things, the possibility to:
  • conduct surveys with more than 100 respondents
  • use the Organisation module, which makes it possible to maintain employee data at one location
  • conduct WA surveys
  • brand a GAIS survey with your own logo
  • download all respondent comments in a CSV file
New, exclusive functions are added continuously and communicated by email to Pro account holders. Any unique requests for the development of new functionality on the GAIS platform will be handled and settled separately from this agreement.

Payment terms

Payment for GAIS Pro is made in response to an invoice with a payment terms of 30 days.

GAIS Pro is an account that runs for 12 months at a time, with automatic renewal and with no agreed expiry date. The customer will be advised of automatic renewal when GAIS sends an invoice by mail.

The customer can give notice of closing its account with up to 3 months’ notice before the end of a 12 month period, which will consequently preclude automatic renewal.

The customer pays an annual amount on account according to the number of respondents to that customer’s surveys. Upon renewal, adjustment is made for changes in the number of respondents to ensure the price is related to actual number of users. If adjustment triggers a major rise in the account price, the customer can terminate the account by contacting GAIS without undue delay up receiving an invoice.

If the number of customer respondents exceeds the number originally agreed, GAIS can adjust accordingly on the same terms and conditions as above.

Operational stability

GAIS strives for the highest possible operational stability, but assumes no responsibility for system crashes or interruptions caused by factors that lie outside of GAIS’ control. This includes, among other things, power failure, faulty equipment, internet connections, telecommunication etc. Reference is made to GAIS’ General Terms and Conditions, which must be accepted when creating users on GAIS.

Changes to terms and conditions

GAIS may continuously make changes to the composition of services with a view to ensuring the best possible product. If a change means that the customer forfeits the right to one or more services, the customer must be informed about the change no later than 30 days before the change comes into force. If a change means that the customer forfeits the right to significant services in the product, the subscription may be cancelled without undue delay, however, no later than 14 days before the changes come into force. The customer will subsequently receive a refund for the remaining subscription period.