GAIS Premium
- professional help for the entire job satisfaction process

Get a full solution that will help you set up and maintain a successful job satisfaction process in your business. 

GAIS Premium gives you your own dedicated GAIS specialist, access to all functionality, full support and much more

GAIS Premium - Hjælp til at udvikle en trivselskultur

GAIS specialist

You get a dedicated GAIS specialist familiar with your organisation. Your GAIS specialist will give you input concerning the implementation of job satisfaction surveys and a successful rollout in your organisation.

It requires persistence to create and maintain a high level of employee engagement.
On the other hand, it’s quickly reflected on the bottom line, in engagement and employee retention.

Your GAIS specialist will help you get going and will provide valuable input throughout the process.

Full access
to all functionality

GAIS Premium gives you access to all functionalities on the GAIS platform. You’ll also have access to functions that are not available in our Pro package, such as:

  • Kiosk surveys
  • Standing organisation
  • Integration to other systems

Your GAIS specialist will help you with the full set up and implementation of functions, enabling you to get the most out of the platform.

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I’d like to hear more about GAIS Premium!

Book a demo meeting at which we can show you what the GAIS platform has to offer, and tell you how the Premium solution can help you with ensuring job satisfaction.

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We’ll set up your surveys

We’ll handle the entire survey ensuring you get the most out of the GAIS platform. In consultation with your GAIS specialist, a customised process will be devised for your needs. 

  • You’ll get input during the preparation before setting up your first survey.
  • We’ll set up your survey and organisation in GAIS and advise you during data collection.

Executive presentations and
review of survey results

It’s important that the executives in your organisation take ownership of the job satisfaction process. Your GAIS specialist will offer an online introduction to GAIS for your top executives.

One thing is getting a survey done. Being able to understand the data and results and how they relate to each other is something else. Once the survey is complete, your GAIS specialist will go through the general results and advise on how to analyse it.

Full support

GAIS Premium gives access to full support via the GAIS support system. Support provides professional help if you have any questions, get stuck or there’s something that won’t work.